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DIAN S.r.l. (Differential Interferometric Analysis) was founded at the beginning of 2012 in Matera, home to the operational headquarters of the Italian Space Agency and a large number of SMEs operating in the aerospace industry in the Apulia and Basilicata Regions.

DIAN operates in the advanced tertiary sector as a technical service provider in the engineering sector.

Our activities are geared to providing remote sensing of natural phenomena and non-destructive infrastructure monitoring services and products with the use of satellite and/or ground based interferometric radar sensors.

DIAN supplies its services to large Engineering Companies and Geotechnical consultancy firms, Mining and Quarry management companies, Public Administration bodies, Civil Protection agencies, Geological Surveys, Electric power generation companies and dam management societies, agencies responsible for environmental monitoring.

To become the point of contact between the users of environmental and non-destructive monitoring services and the National and International research institutes operating in the sector for a safer and more secure world.

DIAN operates in the advanced tertiary sector as a provider of remote sensing and non-destructive infrastructure monitoring engineering services

The services offered by DIAN are based on the Synthetic Aperture Radar technology with data acquired by satellite and ground based radar sensors.

Our activities are centred on the following areas:

  • environmental monitoring services, such as landslides, landslips and land subsistence, providing measurements of the morphological changes of the land both on a large scale using satellite data and on small-scale using ground-based radar;
  • static and dynamic monitoring as well as non-destructive monitoring of infrastructures such as: bridges, viaducts, buildings, churches and any other infrastructure of particular artistic value, industrial infrastructures and wind farms;
  • infrastructure stability monitoring services of railway lines, motorways, oil pipelines, gas pipelines.