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DIAN uses satellite SAR interferometric technique to provide monitoring services and measurement of displacements with a precision of up to the fraction of a centimetre and an area ranging from 900 to 10,000 square kilometres, depending on the satellite mission.

This technology is particularly suited to observations of geological phenomena such as landslides, subsidence, sink-holes, earthquakes, volcanic activity, and monitoring of urban areas and major infrastructures such as highways, railways, oil and gas pipelines.

DIAN processes time series of SAR images using the most advanced processing techniques available in scientific literature and mitigating the effects of atmospheric phase delay with an innovative technique based on Numerical Meteorological Models, and when available GPS networks, measurements of atmospheric parameters or MERIS images.

Upon Customer request, displacement maps obtained from SAR interferometry can be represented on orthophotos or optical images of the observed area and integrated with SAR interferometry measurements obtained with ground-based sensors and those obtained with traditional techniques such as GPS and/or levelling.