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In the Wolof Culture the expression ADUNA BI WORNA is used to say “This place is safe”.

To ensure this sense of security to the places that are familiar to us, such as where we work, where we commute and where we live our everyday lives is at the base of our philosophy.

In order to offer this security we work in close contact with universities and research centres to convert the results of research into innovative products and services for the good of mankind.

Monitoring large infrastructures, bridges, viaducts, dams, communication networks, motorways, railways, gas and methane pipelines.

Contributing to environmental quality, controlling the stability of wind turbines, industrial chimneys, ship wrecks aground near the coast.

Helping to safeguard buildings and monuments of high historical and artistic value using non-destructive monitoring techniques in order to ensure that future generations continue to enjoy their cultural heritage.

Observing natural phenomena such as landslides and subsidence using modern satellite techniques to limit the risk they represent to human life and personal property.